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Wilder Store is your one stop source for the largest assortment of bird health care products, canary supplies, pigeon products, racing pigeon medicines, pigeon supplies, bird medicines, dog treatments and more.

We are the wholesale distributor of the most popular bird and pigeon health care brands like: Oropharma, Versele-Laga, Chevita, Rohnfried, Orlux, Funbird, Comed, Colman, Backs, Beyers, Natural, Vanhee, Dac, Belgica de Weerd and many others.

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Scalibor for Dogs

Most Popular Pigeon, Bird & Dog Products

Nifuramycin by Rohnfried
£4.75 – Special Price
Best Seller
Pigeon Medicines, Bird Medicines
Biocure 100g
By Bios

£24.99 – Special Price
Bird Supplies, Bird Health Care
Tilosan 100gr
for birds & pigeons

£11.50 – Best Seller
Pigeon Products, Pigeon Supplies, Pigeon Health Care
Chevi-col 5gr
for Birds

Up to 20% OFF
Tricho Plus for PIgeons
Tricho Plus
£23.99 – Tube 250gr
Best Seller
Bird Health Care, Bird Medicines
8 sachets

£15.30 – Versele-laga
Bird Supplies, Bird Health Care
Enroflox 100ml
for birds & pigeons

£8.99 – Special Price
Pigeon Products, Pigeon Supplies, Pigeon Health Care
Gambakocid Sachets
by Rohnfried

For Birds/Pigeons

Bird Supplies, Pigeon Supplies by Wilderstore Bird Medicines & Pigeon Products