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Latac Seripox Canarypox Treatment for birds

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More Information on the Latac Seripox Canarypox Treatment for birds

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Manufacturer Latac
Manufacturer Page Latac
Delivery Time Ships within 1-2 days
Treatments Canarypox

Pigeon, Bird, Dog Supplies

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Canariypox, complications and lesions palliative care.
Canarypox is a severe disease caused by a virus of the poxvirus family.
Characteristic pox lesions occur on eyelids, skin of the head, beak commissures and legs. At first there are small nodules (pink button-like aspect) that may grow and develop into pustules which may erupt forming dark scabs in approximately 3 weeks or either cause the bird death. There are some especially acute forms of canarypox where death takes place before the pustule formation. In these cases there is usually an intense brain or meningeal hemorrhage which can be easily seen in the carcass.

Canarypox attenuated forms: small button-like and pink lesions may be often seen in bird’s legs. These lesions may redden a little and might grow up to 1-2cm diameter. There are no other signs and some owners may mistake it with mosquito bites. In fact, in many cases mosquito bites might be the original cause, but the evolution of these forms is only attributable to canarypox- like viruses. These viruses have either lost part of their virulence or present low specificity for Canaries and they may produce this benign canarypox. Almost all birds who have suffered this mild form of canarypox become vaccinated (and therefore immunized) to other canarypox forms.

It is quite frequent that pox lesions suffer secondary infections which could actually be the cause of death, even in cases where the bird could survive the viral process.
There are not known treatments against viruses and antibiotics are ineffective in the poxvirus. However, antibiotics may be useful in preventing secondary infections. Cloramphenicol is the most used antibiotic and it is included in seri-pox, both for oral and topical administration.

Dosage rate and administration
1.Drinking water: treatment must begin at the moment there is suspicion of canarypox. Apply B vial during 6 days and proceed with a 3 day break. Repeat as many times as necessary.
Add 5ml (a coffee spoonful) to 1 liter of water or 12 drops in 60ml drinking troughs. Medicated water should last 6 days and then should be disposed.
The addition of SERI-POX produces opalescence in water.
2.Topical lesion treatment: soak a piece of cotton in A vial and apply it gently on affected areas at least once a day. When possible repeat it twice a day.

Target animals
Canaries and ornamental birds

A vial (topical): cloramphenicol 4g, excipient q.s. 100ml B vial (oral): cloramphenicol 5,4g, excipient q.s. 100ml

Package containing 2 A vials of 5ml and one B vial of 15ml


  • Palliative treatment of Canarypox and its complications and external lesions.

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